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Estimating mortality risk in burn patients admitted at Rwanda’s specialized burn unit

Burns is a disease of poverty, disproportionately affecting populations in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), where most of the injuries and the deaths caused by burns occurs. Mortality prediction indexes based on patients age and percentage of body surface area burned (TBSA%) have been used in burn services of high-income countries over the last 60 years to estimate outcomes after provided burn care. Mortality prediction index are useful tolls to compare and control outcomes of the provided care, reflecting the local standard of burn care.

This study analyzed in-hospital mortality in burn patients admitted to the only specialized burn unit in Rwanda (13%) showing that mortality prediction indexes are feasible also in low-resource context.

Shyaka I, Miranda E, Velin L, Mukagaju F, Nezerwa Y, Ntirenganya F, Furaha C, Riviello R, Pompermaier L. 

Estimating mortality risk in burn patients admitted at Rwanda’s largest referral hospital.

Int J Burns Trauma. 2024 Feb 15;14(1):25-31.
PMID: 38505345.

Figure 2 in publication indicating percentage of patients with both data recorded on age and TBSA%, over time.