The Center for Disaster Medicine and Traumatology

National Research Center for Traumatology assigned by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare


Andreas Wladis

Professor in disaster medicine, consultant surgeon

Research areas: Clinical traumatology, global surgery and epidemiology.


Carl-Oscar Jonson

Associate professor in experimental disaster medicine, research coordinator for the center and for the research focus area Modelling and Simulation.


Johan Junker

PhD in medicine, senior researcher at the center and coordinator for the research focus area Experimental traumatology.


Erik Prytz

Associate professor in human factors psychology, coordinator for the research focus area Human Factors.


Lars Kåreklint

Senior advisor, PhD. Coordinator for the research focus area Education.


Peter Berggren

PhD in cognitive science, coordinator of the research focus area Command and control.


Peter Andersson

Associate professor in surgery, consultant surgeon.

Research areas: clinical traumatology and global surgery.


Denise Bäckström

MD, PhD in medicine

Research area: prehospital treatment of life-threatening bleeding in Sweden.

Jonathan Rakar

PhD in medicine, researcher in experimental traumatology.

Laura Pompermaier

Plastic surgeon, PhD in medicine

Research areas: global surgery, mainly burn wounds in LMIC and female genital mutilation. Currently at Harvard Medical School, postdoc in the Program in Global Surgery and Social Change.


Lotta Velin

Final-year medical student at Lund University and current PhD student in global surgery and disaster medicine at Linköping University, with a focus on Rwanda.


Måns Muhrbeck

MD, consultant surgeon, PhD student in global surgery and traumatology.


Marc Friberg

MSc cognitive science, PhD student in human factors.

Jenny Pettersson

Teacher in disaster medicine, RN, PhD student in resilience and preparedness.

Alexander Larsson

MD, plastic surgeon, PhD student in experimental traumatology.