The Center for Disaster Medicine and Traumatology

National Research Center for Traumatology assigned by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare

WADEM 2023

KMC participated in the world congress of the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine in Killarney, Irland May 9-12. Theme of the conference was: “Complexity and Continuity: Caring, Coping, and Overcoming in an Increasingly Challenging World”.

Keynote and director of WADEM Greg Ciottone addressed the urgency of broadening disaster medicine as a subject, and working in a multidisciplinary manner to face the new and evolving risks and hazards that come with climate change, war, and technological advances.

KMC participated with three oral talks, one table top talk and the following posters:

Lukas Arkestål; Marc Friberg; Per Loftås; Erik Prytz; Carl-Oscar E Jonson; Johan PE Junker. Development and validation of a Repeatable Exsanguination Simulator Using Live Tissue (RESULT).

Sara Ljungwald, Henrik Carlsson, Valbona Blaku, Henrik Lidberg, Ruhija Hodza-Beganovic, Peter Berggren. Train the Trainer for implementing treatment guidelines.

Henrik Carlsson, Sara Ljungwald, Henrik Lidberg, Ruhija Hodza-Beganovic, Peter Berggren. Using personal learning goals for participants in collaborative international health system project: Experiences from the Region Östergötland model.

Peter Berggren, Anton Björnqvist, Jenny Pettersson, Ruhija Hodza-Beganovic, Carl-Oscar Jonson. Learning from each other, improving medical command and control after the COVID-19 pandemic: Experiences from a Bosnian-Swedish collaboration.


In session: Health Systems and Hospital Overcrowding 1
Jenny Pettersson; Carl-Oscar E Jonson; Marc Friberg; Anton Björnqvist; Peter Berggren; Erik Prytz. Critical decision-making in medical command and control during early Covid-19: an interview study.

In session: Education, Training and Simulation 4
Wilhelm Brodin; Marc Friberg; Carl-Oscar E Jonson; Erik Prytz. The effect of different degrees of cold exposure on medical laypeople’s tourniquet application time and quality: a within-group trial.

Marc Friberg; Wilhelm Brodin; Carl-Oscar E Jonson; Erik Prytz. The Effects of Including Blood in First Aid Training on Confidence in Bleeding Control Ability and Intent to Aid.

Table tops group 2; 15 minute presentation, repeated:
Carl-Oscar E Jonson; Jenny Pettersson; Marc Friberg; Anton Björnqvist; Peter Berggren; Björn JE Johansson; Erik Prytz. Identifying core competences for medical command and control teams managing Covid-19.