The Center for Disaster Medicine and Traumatology

National Research Center for Traumatology assigned by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare

ENGAGE – Engage society for risk awareness and resilience

Risk awareness is a strong priority for modern societies and social resilience is necessary to enhance successful responses to unexpected emergencies. In the actual strategies there is a gap between the formal effort of public authorities to protect citizens from harm and the voluntary support provided by citizens during emergencies.

Starting from this awareness the Horizon 2020 project ENGAGE addresses the whole society and tries to bridge the different ways of intervention to make communities more skilled in responding to disasters jointly and therefore more resilient. The project has participants from 8 European countries and by analyzing past natural emergencies, terrorist attacks, and man-made disasters the project aims to understand how citizens supported formal intervention practices during emergencies under specific contextual conditions. Guidelines for specific contexts are validated with real practitioners of emergency response for actionable knowledge and help in risk management.

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Contact: Carl-Oscar Jonson