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KMC input in agenda for pre-hospital bleeding control research

The inaugural Stop the Bleed Research Consensus Conference took place in February 2019, where KMC researchers Carl-Oscar Jonson and Erik Prytz participated. Stop the Bleed is a research- and educational initiative initiated in 2015 by the White House, to increase knowledge of prehospital bleeding control and preparedness in society. An article on the common guidelines for research within the topic of layperson bleeding control that the conference participants have agreed upon has now been published.

Invited participants were subject matter experts, professional society designated leaders and prospective funders of research. The resulting research agenda and aim are a result of a so-called Delph method for reaching consensus on a specific topic by identifying, scoring and prioritizing problem formulations important for the field. The discussed and agreed upon agenda includes the following five highly prioritized themes: education, epidemiology and effectiveness, materiel, health policy and global health.

Research at the KMC focuses on educational questions and methodology for bleeding control research. Within the topic of education, one prioritized question was the formulation of guidelines for laypersons, and how these should be presented so that laypersons are instructed in the best manner to use bleeding control techniques.

Find the full the article here, and more on KMC:s Stop the Bleed research here.