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Common practices for first responders – Project BlåljUS

Common practices in training and risk management for First Responders (Project BlåljUS) is a Swedish project funded by the European Union Internal Security Fund – Police within the objective “Managing risk and crisis”.

The project is led by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s emergency training centers, with KMC, Fire and Rescue Services Syd (Rsyd) and Swedish Police as partners. The goal of the project is to develop a platform of validated training methods and contents in the field of risk management and interagency training for the first responder community. The project will implement a pedagogical framework and platform to support cooperation in joint first responder agency training and education. The project is expected to contribute to common ground in risk assessments, training, incident management and after action review.

Read more at: msb.se/blaljus

Contact: Carl-Oscar Jonson